Jackie Chan's Adventures!

In trying to make sweet love to his mommy!

Jackie Chan the handsome and sexy guinea pig!!!!!
I'm a handsome guinea pig, and I'm in love with my mommy, suzi_queue! She's my dream woman and I sing love songs to her all the time! Unfortunately she seems to have fallen out of love with me but I'll win her back with my gigantic novelty oversized testicles! I'm also in love with my stepmommy dontcuddleme! The problem is that they both have bad bladder control and pee in my face when I lick their butts! I also have a human girlfriend, charlyblue!

I live with my brother einstein_pig who needs a lot of cuddling and a bit of humping, so I make sure he gets everything he needs! He also needs someone to help him dispose of all this kale and parsley that gets put into our cage.

I don't like going outside! It's scary out there. I also don't like going to the vet! I also also don't like tomatoes!
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